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Staff are very efficient in making sure paperwork was done properly and in a timely manner. I am very happy with the service and would recommend IMR/LocumBank to my colleagues - Dr Wu
All help and support from IMR was amazing and made the difficult process of moving from overseas almost simple - Dr McDonald, GP
Impressive, consistent, knowledgeable, and unflinching in their moral support. I've never known a recruitment agency to take so much care and detail, and show such commitment to prospective clients - Dr Suriya, Psychiatrist
They went out of their way in helping me fill the mountain of forms and liaise with people, and are still helping me now. I am indebted - Dr Suriya, Psychiatrist
Your services have been excellent and I have had minimal difficulties in getting to where I have wanted. Your staff are extremely friendly and reliable - Dr Rai, House Officer
IMR have great knowledge and experience in medical recruitment with a high standard of services, along with excellent communication skills and professionalism - Dr Murali, GP
We have successfully recruited a number of high quality medical staff through IMR and have always found their service to be highly professional, efficient, and effective, with timely responses to our enquiries - C Byrne, Mental Health Services
We have found IMR to be very helpful, prompt and easy to contact - K Balcombe, Medical Staffing Unit
IMR have shown a high level of professionalism in dealing with a multi-staged process, and guided me with great efficiency and a deep sense of timing - Dr Bangash, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
I would not have been here (in New Zealand) without IMR's constant help and guidance - Dr Sadani, Transfusion Medicine Specialist
I was particularly impressed by the high level of service given to me. I received regular emails and phone calls providing me with updates and information on the next steps throughout the process - Dr O'Luanaigh, Psychiatrist
From the outset, IMR gave me a timeline for how long the process would take, and they were 100% accurate on that. This made planning for the move that much easier - Dr O'Luanaigh, Psychiatrist
IMR's communication is of a high standard and they are able to respond to candidates' concerns in a clear, professional manner - K Kempthorne, Radiology Dept
I would recommend IMR to other Recruitment Advisors as a good source of doctors, and a trustworthy company to work with - N Copson, Recruitment Advisor
We find IMR to be very professional and always exceptionally quick in responding to emails and phone calls - J O'Neill, Health Service CEO
I found IMR very knowledgeable in all aspects concerned with recruiting physicians, particularly the issues that are specific to practice in a foreign country - Dr Fennell, Anaesthetist
IMR's efficiency and professional manner of conduct is truly commendable - Dr Kumar, Radiologist
Thank you again for all your help and support, and for making our Australian experience possible - Dr Gubbay, House Officer
I have already referred three other doctors to IMR, who are now also in the process of moving down under, and I will continue to refer more - Dr Gubbay, House Officer

Pathology Jobs

Pathology Jobs in Australia and New Zealand

AAs a Pathologist working in Australia or New Zealand, you will have the opportunity to open the door to some amazing experiences that you simply wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world.

As far as the work itself is concerned, Pathology in Australia and New Zealand is generally quite similar to most other first class medical system countries. In keeping at the forefront of the medical world through all disciplines, you will find a multitude of opportunities to extend yourself through education, research and teaching.

Facilities in Australasia are state-of-the-art, and with a very strong financial backing, they continue to undergo reviews and upgrades on a consistent basis. This, along with the overpowering public need for additional services at their fingertips, will ensure that Pathology in both Australia and New Zealand remains cutting edge far into the future.

The system here boasts a very strong private sector, with around 60-70% of Pathology facilities owned and operated by private companies. These facilities vary in size, meaning that you can choose between a facility that employs 2-3 Pathologists, right up to larger scale operation that may employ in the vicinity of 20-30 Pathologists. Most roles in the private sector will allow you to be able to work a standard 38 hour week with very minimal on-call requirements.

For those that prefer a hospital based role, there are still plenty of hospital based Pathology opportunities right across Australia and New Zealand to suit your needs. Hospital based roles would usually involve some level of on-call requirement however this is usually shared and therefore based on a rotating roster. In addition, hospital based Pathology roles would give you the opportunity to involve yourself in the training and supervision of trainees. Hospital based fellow positions also arise, providing the opportunity for advanced training and sub-specialisation.

There are many opportunities for Pathologists in Australia and New Zealand and there are particularly high demand all year round in Anatomical Pathology (Histopathology) and Haematology. In tandem with this, there are also options to explore subspecialties within these disciplines. In recent times we have seen we have some reduction in the number of opportunities in Microbiology and Chemical Pathology (Clinical Biochemistry) due to a combination of the changes in the system and local competition.

The Royal College of Pathologist of Australasia (RCPA) often view the following international Pathology qualifications as favourable, allowing some international Pathologists to work as a Consultant without initially being required to complete any further examinations:

UK/ Ireland FRCPath , MRCPath (Fellowship or Membership of the Royal College of Pathology) accompanied by the Certificate of Accreditation in Pathology from the Joint Committee of Higher Medical Training in the United Kingdom or UK Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCT)
USA Certificate of the American Board of Pathology
Canada Certificate in General Pathology from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
Fellowship in Anatomical Pathology, General Pathology, Neuropathology or Haematological Pathology from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
Australia Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia
South Africa Fellowship of the College of Pathologists of South Africa FC Path(SA) and/or M.Med. (Pathology)

Other qualifications can be assessed on a case by case basis – if you are unsure then a representative from our dedicated Pathology team would be happy to advise you further.

With preferred supplier status amongst the majority of facilities in both Australia and New Zealand, you can be assured that IMR will offer you the widest choice of opportunities possible. Contact us today to discuss your personal situation and preferences, and we can take steps towards your amazing career in Pathology in Australia or New Zealand.